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Taking Care of Plants

Our Process

When you call us about your specific condition, we will collaborate to develop a complete treatment plan.

Step 1

Call us to discuss your specific circumstances.

Step 2

Get a thorough comprehensive evaluation.

Step 3

Receive personalized care and treatment options.

Our Services

Never Alone Care at Home offers residents all throughout Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties a variety of home care services. We offer a variety of personalized care and treatment solutions to clients, and work alongside our clients to understand their specific needs. We bring our services directly to your front door so you can enjoy the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Personal Care Services

You or a loved one will be given access to a committed care professional who can help with activities of daily living including monitoring daily activities, wardrobe assistance, organize bills and mail.

Hospice Support

Everyone deserves the calm that comes with knowing that a professional is taking care of a loved one in hospice, so everyone can concentrate on making the most of their time together while it is still possible.

Meal Prep / Grocery Shopping

An organized house and wholesome meals promote a comfortable lifestyle. If you simply require a little assistance, you and your caregiver can work together to make meals or go shopping. Your caregiver can go to the grocery store to shop and prepare meals on their own if you require extra help.

Home Safety Risk Assessment

Get a thorough assessment of potential hazards in and around your home as part of a full home safety evaluation to safeguard your loved ones.


It is possible to pick up and organize prescriptions using the transport services that are provided. Additionally, you can obtain appointments for grocery shopping, hair services, church services, and other activities.


Simple household tasks like laundry, ironing, trash removal, dishwashing, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, emptying the garbage, and recycling cans are all things our care team specialists can assist with.


 A discussion or good laugh with one of our care professionals not only provides dialogue and a companion to do crossword puzzles or play cards, but it may also help prevent feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

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